December Dream is a beauty brand that reaches Naturalistas across the globe. We provide plant-rich skin & hair care products and encourage beautiful people like you to invest in a healthy self-care regimen.

3 inches of hair growth thanks to your amazing hair oils.

Dee Dee on Hair Growth Botanical Oil

This is the only thing that doesn't irritate my daughters' skin. Love her line of natural cremes! 

Deshara on Lavender & Honey Body Butter

I bought this product for my son that has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema. This product has worked wonders on his skin. I love it. 

Yaya on Lavender & Honey Body Butter

Yes! My hair grew alot.

Chevette on Botanical Hair Growth Oil

My skin feels amazing and I love the scent! I am excited to share the crème with my friends who have sensitive skin. 

Sarah on Coconut & Ivory Face Creme

This product has helped my hair grow so much this past year and It smells amazing!!! 

Yadira on Sweet Orange Hair & Body Creme

Good morning! I love that they're so natural and moisturizing! Other products that say they moisturize always make me so dry but yours actually work!

Tamera on Pampering Soap Set

Currently my life. Smooth, smell good Shea Butter! 

Javon on Minty Pure Hair & Body Creme

My fiancé has these oils for his beard and head and it smells so good! And I love the way his beard shines from the oils!! Love it!! 

Heather on Men’s SkinCare Set