Coffee Facial Soap

Coffee Facial Soap

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A "Step 1" facial cleansing soap for your skin care regimen. All Natural Shea Butter Soap enriched with Arabica Coffee. 

* All skin types

* Restores natural skin luster 

* Firms up skin & is rich in antioxidants 

* Grounds in coffee work as a natural exfoliant

* Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles 

* Smoothes skin and brings out glow 

Key Ingredients & Benefits

Shea Butter ~ Shea Butter has a similar structure to your skin's natural moisture, so it absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores. Along with the combination of healthy nutrients and minerals such as Vitamins A, E and F, Shea Butter heals scars, burns, prevents ashy skin, chapping, skin rashes, prevents skin irritations, restores natural skin luster, firms up aging skin and clears wrinkles.

Coffee ~ The grounds in coffee work great as an exfoliant removing dead skin cells resulting in a cleaner, softer and healthier face. Another great benefit of coffee is the caffeine which reduces bad fatty cells such as cellulite. With a reduction of cellulite, your skin will look much smoother. Dark circles are also combated with coffee because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Caffeine reduces the accumulation of blood under your eyes, therefore preventing dark circles. Coffee is very rich in antioxidants even with a higher content than fruits and vegetables. This makes a great remedy for skin damage caused by UV rays from over-exposure to the sun or tanning beds. Coffee on the skin also provides a layer of protection from harmful radiation by inhibiting a certain protein enzyme and its diuretic properties treat skin conditions such as Rosacea; relieving the discomfort caused by redness and irritation. Adding to the long list of benefits, coffee also has skin tightening properties. It is great for minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the face and diminishes puffiness in certain areas of the face. 

Ingredients: All Natural Shea Butter Soap, All Natural Glycerin Soap, Unrefined African Shea Butter, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Fine Ground Arabica Coffee. 

3 oz. soap